Server: 17
As a part of our ongoing effort to provide the highest level of service, we are constantly performing software upgrades. Some upgrades improve system security, while others keep up with the latest innovations. Upgrades are always distributed throughout our entire network of servers at virtually the same time to ensure that all customers receive the same features and benefits. The log below displays recent software upgrades performed on your server to help identify changes which could potentially affect your applications.
6/6/22 2:03:08 PM:
Corrections were made to address a password issue with Virtual Server accounts which may have prevented using the proper 5-15 and allowed character entry format.

4/11/22 2:01:05 PM:
A bug that could cause unintended logouts between some server and account (4admin) control panels when using the [ Control Panel ] bottom button, has been fixed.

12/10/20 10:03:05 AM:
There may be further bugs to squash, but the major security and other updates have been completed for and Please note that after the system-wide reset, it -is- necessary to reset your password at before your account will be accessible. login page has been updated and will now also include a CAPTCHA (and ultimately a temporary lockout) if multiple login attempts fail. Again, if you cannot access your account, use the "Forgot your password?" link on the same page to avoid issues.

Passwords are being standardized across our system.
Valid password characters are now: aA-zZ, 0-9, ! # % ^ & * (email requires one upper and lower case letter, and one number).
Several small updates have been made to the Legacy (and new!) hosting control panels to better clarify and improve entry of these changes, as well as some QOL improvements.

File names in the File Manager can now be up to 255 characters.

11/2/20 4:11:23 PM:
Pardon our dust! Our primary sites ( have been upgraded! Please contact Support if you encounter any issues during this process.

10/20/20 3:10:30 PM:
Due to technical limitations and older software, SSL is no longer viable on our older, Legacy servers. All SSL is now only usable through the new PHP 7 servers (which also feature free Let's Encrypt SSL when you order a Unique IP) - migrate for free, today:
Paid SSL certificates from GlobalSign are now only available for one year.

Users encountering errors sending email to 3rd parties, such as Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo,
etc are advised to use the Recommended Settings for SSL located in the Email Manager
(and under Addon Domains -> Email) when setting up mail applications. As security enforcement tightens across the internet, these settings will help to authenticate
that your mail is coming from your server and by extension, your domain.

The DNS Manager has been updated for style and ease of view.

Work continues on the upgrade of and - until complete, SSL connections will cause an erorr which can be bypassed by your browser.
Please note that any payments made to Webmasters are completed on a completely separate and secure system which does not have any issues. We apologize
for our dust, and appreciate your patience while we complete our work.

7/22/20 10:38:39 AM:
A bug on which could cause a simultaneous login attempt has been fixed. If the browser has stored or auto-filled logins for more than one account type, i.e. Web Hosting and Domain Registration, both boxes would populate and the login would fail until the other was cleared. The issue has been resolved and only the intended, focused entry box will attempt login.

5/14/20 11:55:57 AM:
Recommended email client connection settings have been further updated to strongly favor SSL for better compatibility.

Databases can now be restored from a nightly or weekly (Sunday) backup at request, by Support.

Let's Encrypt free SSL is now available for clients on our PHP 7 hosting platform! Migrate now to take advantage!

10/16/19 2:05:11 PM:
Recommended email client connection settings have been added to the main page of Email Manager for easy reference.

9/5/19 2:21:00 PM:
A bug which prevented display of certain valid transactions in the Web Hosting and Domain control panel's Billing History tool has been fixed.

8/30/19 5:20:16 PM:
Further updates have been made to SSL Certificate tool and ordering processes.

It is now possible to order and renew SSL certificates for one or two years. Two year SSL will be discounted by 15%, so you can save more and renew less!

8/13/19 2:31:51 PM:
The SSL Certificate tool has been upgraded.

- Upon CSR/KEY creation, the directory /.well-known/pki-validation/ will be created for use in HTTP validation through our provider GlobalSign® . This will make it easier for support (or you) to quickly validate new SSL certificates.

- Previously created Private Key files (located in /storage/ssl/ will now be automatically detected and inserted into the "Install" form. (from now forward)

- After SSL is installed, GlobalSign® clients can now use the button on the "Root Chain" page to quickly install the required intermediate certificate, and complete SSL installation.

DNS address length limits have been updated to allow for -much- longer entries (in the Domain Registration Control Panel, and various forms).

Virtual and Managed Server (backdoor /4admin) control panels have received a visual upgrade.

A bug which prevented some folders from showing up in Webmail has been squashed.

7/9/19 3:06:58 PM:
Several Logout landing pages have been added to various 4Admin™ control panels to provide a 'cleaner' exit.

6/20/19 5:01:27 PM:
Webmaster's Support Center, several control panels, forms, and general systems have received additional (ongoing) upgrades to continue to improve overall function as well as increase mobile accessibility.

2/22/19 4:02:37 PM:
The Webmasters's Support Center has received an upgrade to provide better ticket handling, tracking and notification.

2/8/19 2:05:43 PM:
Domain Registration control panels, transfer, registration, re-seller sign-up and other systems have been updated to better accommodate PHP 7 accounts.

9/26/18 9:40:53 AM:
All Control Panels are receiving a gradual facelift and will now be more visibly polished as well as distinguished from each other. (We apologize as this is not yet finalized and may fluctuate).

7/10/18 3:30:38 PM:
The Database Admin tool has been updated with a new [Export] function.
This will create a .sql backup in /storage/databases/(name of database)/ (above /httpdocs) which can be used to restore a damaged database and can easily be downloaded to your computer from File Manager or through FTP.

7/10/18 3:29:24 PM:
Fixed a bug in the DNS Manager which corrects IP address display and zone file restoration based on Apache 1,2, or Unique IP assignment.

Fixed a bug in the primary control panel which could cause the incorrect IP address to show depending on your Apache version.

Fixed a bug in the Wordpress Autoinstaller which prevented Documentation from loading.

6/8/18 12:50:42 PM:
PHP 7 is now available* on our new 4Admin server platform which includes several updated and upgraded core software versions:

Debian 9.4 (custom)
Apache 2.4.25
PHP 7.0.27
MariaDB 10.1.26 (MySQL 5.6 compatible)
TLS 1.2
OpenSSL 1.1

Our new servers and control panel have been updated and streamlined for better performance and to remove outdated programs and functions.
* To make use of the new software, current clients will need to migrate.
Please see here for more information:

4/18/18 12:44:38 PM:
Updated the File Manager to fix a bug which prevented the HTML Editor from correctly saving changes.

3/21/18 12:44:19 PM:
Updated the File Manager to fix a HTML/PHP code "bleed" when <textarea> elements were present in the file being edited.

2/20/18 12:44:07 PM:
Upgraded OsCommerce in the Autoinstaller to and its installer.

2/14/18 12:43:58 PM:
Upgraded Wordpress in the Autoinstaller to 4.5 (PHP 5 required) and the installer itself.

10/15/11 12:27:30 PM:
Sorry, this log has been disabled until further notice.

4/27/09 5:52:55 PM:
Added PHP Scheduleit, and EXTCalendar applications to Auto Installer. These are excellent full featured calendars and collaboration tools for almost any user, both large and small.

4/2/09 10:17:23 AM:
Added HTML signature file support to webmail. You can now upload full HTML pages with linked images to be used as default signatures when composing messages.

3/11/09 12:57:41 AM:
Added SSL support for POP and SMTP on all mail servers and webmail. Email can now be sent and received via an encrypted SSL connection through any email client that supports SSL or our webmail client.

2/24/09 2:48:16 PM:
Added 2048 bit key generation support in SSL Manager.

12/29/08 3:06:42 PM:
A major webmail upgrade has been completed. The new system has the following additional features:

- Support for over 25,000 messages in each folder with loading and search speeds of 5 seconds or less.
- Ability to access or download email from multiple POP accounts.
- Automatic email retrieval capability at designated time intervals.
- Messages can be accessed and managed directly on a POP mail server without downloading.
- Ability to use external SMTP mail servers for sending email.
- Ability to use any From and Reply-To address.
- Multiple message folders with an unlimited nested directory tree (subfolders inside folders).
- Sent and deleted folder for automatic storage.
- Flagged folder with direct access to all flagged messages.
- Templates and Drafts folder for frequently used message templates and saved drafts.
- Spam folder for direct access to the spam mailbox.
- Ability to store sent-to addresses in the Address Book and/or White List.
- Support for delete key and up and down arrows for scrolling through messages.
- Ability to display messages in a resizable bottom or side frame, or in a whole window.
- Ability to open messages automatically when scrolling through the message list.
- Messages can be moved or copied between local folders or to and from the POP server.
- Message filters for sorting incoming mail, automatically opening all folders with new messages.
- Ability to mark messages as read, unread, or flagged.
- Time stamping of answered and forwarded messages.
- Ability to selectively display answered, unanswered, forwarded, priority, and flagged messages.
- Advanced search capability, including search by date, words in addresses, subject, body, etc.
- Real time message download indicator, displaying the progress of each message being downloaded.
- Expanded capability for handling multiple large file attachments.
- Ability to include full HTML messages when replying.
- Support for multiple MIME encoding types when sending or displaying messages.
- Mailbox users have direct access to their own Spam Rules and Spam folder.
- Support for most browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, Android, etc..


10/8/08 2:26:47 PM:
Added the ability to automatically send return receipts in webmail. To enable this feature from webmail, click on Preferences, and "Yes" for "Send Return Receipt Automatically If Requested".

6/27/2008 10:08:05 AM:
Updraded the following Auto Installer applications to their most recent stable version: WordPress, B2Evo, TikiWiki, Nucleus, Joomla, PHPAds, Moodle, Geeklog, and Drupal.

6/10/08 4:32:21 PM:
Fixed security hole in WordPress which allowed attackers to upload a PHP script, and then access it through the application to try to perform admin tasks on the server. Although most of the admin tasks were already off limits due to our server security scheme, the attacker was able to browse the directories of the targeted domain and open files of interest, including password files.

5/17/08 12:17:09 PM:
Spam Filter upgraded to allow access and management of local spam rules for individual mailboxes from the main control panel access point. To view and manage local mailbox spam rules from the main Spam Filter, click on the Local Rules button. You will then see a list of all POP3 mailboxes in a drop down menu. Each POP3 mailbox that has local spam rules enabled will have an [L] after it.

5/1/08 11:02:30 PM:
New and improved Spam Filter released. Our updated spam filter has been redesigned to reduce the number of false positives while continuing to accurately identify most spam messages. By using more of a logic based approach rather than focusing on the words used in messages, our new system is able to accurately identify most spam through our auto updating default rules, and does not require constant user input. For faster processing, and to reduce confusion, the Super White List has now become a part of the White List. In order to minimize false positives, the new default settings allow the delivery of messages with a score of 5 or less, while messages with a higher score are treated as spam.

3/31/08 1:47:04 PM:
Upgraded PHP to 4.4.8 and 5.2.5 and Apache to 1.3.41 on all servers this past weekend.

2/29/08 8:31:39 AM:
Upgraded mail server to speed up processing of mail during peak load times. This should alleviate the mail delay issues at certain times on some servers.

2/29/08 8:30:23 AM:
Upgraded ZenCart to version 1.3.8. This version is now available through the Auto Installer.

1/30/08 11:08:34 PM:
Updated webmail message display to break up unusually long From and Subject fields. Also, going forward, messages sent to the spam mailbox, and marked to Deliver + Whitelist, will be delivered to its intended recipient, with a copy saved in the spam mailbox as a backup to prevent accidental loss during re-delivery.

1/12/08 10:24:51 PM:
Fixed bug with importing White List into the Spam Filter.

12/20/07 4:57:30 PM:
Upgraded phpBB to the latest release version 3 in the Auto Installer. Many new security and user features were added in this upgrade.

12/17/07 1:13:37 PM:
Fixed bug with the Restore Default feature in the DNS Manager for hosted Addon domains.

11/29/07 10:00:17 AM:
RSS Manager utility added to enable finding, displaying, and managing RSS feeds. After a feed is found, it can be configured to be displayed on any webpage by pasting one line of JavaScript code. This allows news feeds and other syndicated content to be added in minutes without any programming.

10/17/07 2:00:41 PM:
Upgraded spam filter for optimization with the latest wave of stock and medication spam using truncated URLs.

9/12/07 5:00:15 PM:
Added special tagging for messages which were rejected as Spam, but re-sent by the sender clicking on the authorization link included in each rejection notice along with the correct captcha code. All such messages will now have "AUTH ->" at the beginning of the subject line for better identification by the recipient.

9/5/07 11:35:50 PM:
Added Disable Auto Whitelisting feature to Spam Filter for disabling auto whitelisting of senders when a confirmation link is clicked and message authenticated in Spam delivery failure notices. To disable Auto Whitelisting, check the Disable Auto Whitelisting box in the From rules of the Spam Filter.

7/5/07 12:14:47 AM:
New comprehensive documentation portal is now available by clicking on Documentation in the Support Center.

6/5/07 6:14:49 PM:
Auto Renew feature added to Domain Control Panel. Domains with Auto Renew enabled are automatically renewed on their expiration date to prevent them from being released for registration.

6/2/07 1:27:03 AM:
DropGuard™ is a new feature for domain registrations which guarantees that a domain name will not drop for one year after its expiration date if not renewed on time. Expired domains with DropGuard™ enabled are held in disabled state in the customer's account, and can be renewed for up to one year after its expiration date.

6/2/07 1:25:51 AM:
Added Bulk Domain Transfer tool at to speed up and simplify multiple domain transfers.

6/1/07 12:09:39 AM:
Added the ability to make bulk DNS changes to Domain Control Panel. DNS changes can now be made to multiple domains at once by clicking the DNS Settings icon, and selecting the group of domains to apply the changes to.

6/1/07 12:06:23 AM:
Super Lock function added to Domain Control Panel. A Super Lock permanently locks a domain, and can only be removed manually by the registrar. In order to remove a Super Lock from any domain, the registrant must contact our Support Team for further instructions, which may include requiring a written authorization. To place a Super Lock on a domain, click on the Domain Locking icon.

5/25/07 12:08:13 AM:
Each Addon domain can now have up to 100 full featured POP3 mailboxes with forwarding, mail groups, autoresponders, webmail, and individual spam filtering.

5/17/07 11:50:33 PM:
We have launched BackupMail™, our new proprietary email backup solution. This new utility enables your incoming email to be automatically stored on a remote backup server in the event your primary mail server is unreachable. The BackupMail™ server will then poll your primary server every 15 minutes indefinitely, until it is available, at which time all messages stored during the downtime are delivered. For maximum redundancy, the BackupMail™ server is located in our Charlotte, NC backup data center, and is hosted on a separate network than your primary mail server.

5/15/07 10:56:08 AM:
Upgraded the following Auto Installer applications:
- Dew-New PHPLinks 2.0.1
- phpAds 2.0
- PHP Affiliate 1.3
- TYPO3 4.1.1
- B2Evolution 0.9.2
- Nucleus 3.24
- pMachinePro 2.4
- TikiWiki 1.9.7
- WordPress 2.1.3
- Drupal 5.1
- Geeklog 1.4.0
- Joomla 1.0.12
- Mambo 4.5.5
- Moodle 1.8
- Open-Realty 2.4.0
- PostNuke 0.8.0
- PHProject 5.2.1
- ZenCart 1.3.6
- PHPWCMS 1.30
- phpwebsite 1.1.0
- siteframe 3.1.6
- XOOPS 2.0
- Recommend Script 2.8
- FaqMasterFlex 1.2
- Help Center Live 2.1.2
- Live Help 2.13.1
- PHPCoin 1.2.4
- Noah's Classifieds 1.3.1
- PHP Support Tickets 2.2
- 4images 1.7.4
- Coppermine 1.4.10
- Gallery 2.2.1
- PHPList 2.10.4
- phpbb forum 3.0
- smf 1.1.2
- phpSurveyor 1.48
- phpesp 1.8.2
- oscommerce 2.2ms2
- dotproject 2.1.2
- webcalendar 1.0.5

5/12/07 7:41:08 PM:
Increased the Addon domain limit to 100. You can now host up to 100 separate websites on each of our shared hosting plans!

5/12/07 7:40:06 PM:
Addon domains can now be hosted as full websites with their own directory and file structure. Search engines can now see Addon domains as having unique content, and therefore rank them as well as any regular website. To change the setup of your Addon domain to a fully hosted site, check the Hosted option under Forwarding.

5/10/07 6:57:39 PM:
Spambox Storage Threshold setting added to Spam FIlter which assigns a numeric "Probability Score" to each spam message based on the number of rules that were matched. Setting the Storage Threshold to a number higher than 1 will not store messages with that score or higher, and delete those messages permanently. All spam messages with a lower score than the designated Storage Threshold setting will still be stored in the recipient's Spambox. This feature is useful to reduce the number of messages in the Spambox at any given time, and only store messages which have lower probability to be spam.

5/10/07 6:56:34 PM:
Sensitivity setting added to Spam Filter which assigns a numeric "Probability Score" to each spam message based on the number of rules that were matched. Setting the Sensitivity to a number higher than 1 will deliver messages identified as spam with a score lower than the designated Sensitivity setting , tagging each message as "Spam ->" in the subject line. All spam messages with a higher score than the designated Sensitivity setting will be rejected.

5/3/07 11:15:02 PM:
True streaming support added. We now support true audio and video streaming with the Helix DNA and Darwin Streaming Server. To enable streaming, click on the Streaming icon in your control panel. A Unique IP address is required.

2/28/07 11:03:29 AM:
Access Control module added. This new utility enables the creation and management of multiple control panel users under one account. Access to each control panel function can be set for individual users based on their needs and position within an organization. For example, a user who is in charge of email administration can have access only to email management utilities, but no other function of the control panel. To access this feature, click on the Access Control icon in your control panel.

2/13/07 1:13:46 PM:
Increased the entry limit in the White and Super White list from 1,000 to 3,000 entries.

2/12/07 11:43:14 AM:
Added the ability to only accept email messages from Whitelisted / Super Whitelisted senders, and reject all others as spam. To enable this feature, check the "Block All Non-Whitelisted Messages" box in the White List rules.

2/8/07 12:23:30 AM:
Spam Filter now available for Addon Domains. Each addon domain can now have its own spam rules, and can have spam forwarded to the main spam mailbox at the primary account domain.

2/7/07 3:02:48 PM:
Upgraded Java FTP Client to be compatible with IE 7 web browser.

2/6/07 6:05:32 PM:
Local email messages sent by authenticated users are now automatically whitelisted no matter what return address is used. As long as senders use SMTP authentication when sending mail, their messages will be delivered to any mailbox on that server without checking for spam. The assumption here is that anyone who has a password to a user's mailbox is not a spammer. To disable this behavior, check the Filter Local Mail box in the White List rules. Because of this upgrade, the previous Whitelist Local Mail feature which only whitelisted messages with the return address at the sender's domain has been discontinued.

2/2/07 11:46:18 PM:
Each mailbox can now set up its own Local spam mailbox for catching, viewing, delivering, and whitelisting messages tagged as spam. As in the Main spam mailbox, messages in Local spam mailboxes are deleted every 72 hours, and can be delivered through the webmail interface. To create a local Spam mailbox, you can use the Quick Setup Wizard in the Local Spam Filter accessible through webmail, or through the Email Manager by creating a POP3 account. Accounts starting with "spam." are now automatically treated as Local spam mailboxes. This new feature along with the new Local Spam Rules provides the ability for each user to be in charge of their own spam filtering.

2/2/07 11:38:31 PM:
Each mailbox now has the ability to manage its own seperate spam rules including Whitelist and Super Whitelist. The local mailbox spam rules supercede the global domain rules, while the local Whitelist and Super Whitelist are merged with their global counterparts. To manage the spam rules for any mailbox, log into webmail under that account, and click on View Rules under Spam Filter at bottom left.

2/2/07 11:34:39 PM:
New White List Debug Mode added. Email messages which should have been tagged as spam, but were delivered because they were whitelisted can now have an optional header inserted in the message source which identifies the reason the message was allowed through. For example, if a message was allowed because it was sent by a user on your white list, the following header would appear in the message: X-Spam-Filter: Whitelist: This will help determine why a message which would normally be considered spam was allowed. To enable this feature, check the Enable Debug Mode box in the White List rules.

1/25/07 11:49:39 AM:
post_max_size control added to PHP Manager.

1/23/07 11:40:02 PM:
We have upgraded our spam filter to reject spam messages at the SMTP level instead of sending bounces. This will not only eliminate unwanted spam failure notices, but will also increase the chances of being removed from spammers' mailing lists, as returning an SMTP error when rejecting spam makes it appear that the receiving mailbox does not exist. Legitimate senders will receive a failure notice from their SMTP server along with a link to deliver their message and whitelist their email address. Forcing the bounce to come from the sender's own mail server will also reduce our server load, and make sure that only legitimate senders receive spam notices. We have developed this revolutionary, patent pending spam rejection technique from the ground up during the past year, and are very excited to finally deploy it across our network of servers after extensive testing. Enjoy!

1/8/07 1:48:51 PM:
Added the following MIME types to the default apache configuration:

application/ kml
application/ kmz

11/25/06 12:22:26 AM:
Spam filter upgraded to include Link Filtering, Host Verification, Quick Setup Wizard, local mailbox spam rules, and other improved functionality. Default rules can now be subscribed to for real time updates without user intervention.

9/22/06 9:23:42 AM:
Upgraded Scheduled Scripts utility to include a more user friendly interface to easily add and delete cron commands.

9/13/06 4:26:43 PM:
Fixed bug in webmail which caused instability with the Deliver + Whitelist feature in the Spam folder.

7/21/06 11:44:39 PM:
Upgraded site search engine in Auto Installer to include multiple page results and page descriptions.

7/19/06 11:19:22 PM:
Upgraded IonCube Loader for PHP to version 3.1.22.

7/16/06 11:31:42 PM:
Free, self signed SSL certificates can now be installed for individual domains by clicking on the SSL Manager icon, Install, and then Install Self Signed Certificate.

7/12/06 12:06:10 AM:
Ported SMF forum to MySQL 5.xx. The Auto Installer version of SMF is now fully compatible with MySQL 5.xx.

7/12/06 12:01:23 AM:
Installed Ghostscript 8.50, an interpreter for the PostScript (TM) language and the Adobe Portable Document Format. This utility also provides a set of C procedures (the Ghostscript library) that implement the graphics and filtering (data compression / decompression / conversion) capabilities that appear as primitive operations in the PostScript language and in PDF.

7/11/06 6:47:28 PM:
All PHPBB message boards on our network which were previously installed by our Auto Installer have been modified to include a CAPTCHA image for registering new accounts. This prevents automated bots from creating phantom users for the sole purpose of increasing their link polularity. Our developers have created this module from scratch to ensure and confirm 100% effectiveness. If you do not have PHPBB installed through our Auto Installer, you may want to do so to block such bots from defacing your board.

6/22/2005 11:33:10 AM:
Added session.gc_maxlifetime control to PHP Manager.

6/18/2005 4:13:07 PM:
Added wildcard support to the Headed Rules of the Spam Filter to allow blocking IP ranges, as well as the ability to whitelist selected IP's which fall into a blacked range.

6/15/2005 2:07:15 PM:
Added Joomla, a popular CMS, to Auto Installer.

5/31/06 3:04:25 PM:
Added the ability to connect to remote hosts via the FTP Client's "Connect" feature. Also added per-directory Trailing Slash Redirection control to the Index Manager.

5/24/06 8:35:20 AM:
Added output_buffering control to the PHP and PHP5 Manager.

5/23/06 5:30:46 PM:
Added .rhtml as a file type for Ruby scripts. Also added index.rhtml as a valid directory index page.

5/19/06 9:50:04 AM:
All qMailer Mailing List Manager scripts have been updated with the new Import Recipients feature which allows direct importing of Recipient lists from a text file.

5/4/06 11:19:18 PM:
Fixed bug in our version of Moodle to make it compatible with MySQL 5.x, and have it install without errors.

5/1/06 4:30:17 PM:
Upgraded IMAP server to Courier-IMAP version 3.0.8 with SSL support. Also added blocking by User Agent to the Traffic Blocking module.

4/21/06 10:51:52 AM:
Recursion has been disabled on all DNS servers in light of the recent DDoS attacks using DNS. This change should not affect any customers.

4/18/06 2:16:52 PM:
Added PHP5 Configurator module to manage all PHP5 settings like safe_mode, register_globals, etc.. Also added index.php5,, and index.cgi as default index pages.

4/14/06 12:30:06 PM:
Added support for Ruby On Rails version 1.1.2 / 1.8.4 with FastCGI.

4/11/06 12:11:31 AM:
dotProject package in Auto Installer modified to be fully compatible with MySQL 5.0.18+ after numerous bug reports.

3/29/06 6:02:51 PM:
Updated MySQL privileges to allow working with stored procedures on newly created databases.

3/8/06 6:30:09 PM:
The following packages have been upgraded:

Apache 1.3.34
PHP 4.4.2
OpenSSL 0.9.8a
libmysqlclient 5.0.18
ionCube PHP Loader v3.1.9
Zend Optimizer v2.6.2
Fileinfo 1.0.3

Also, PHP 5.1.2 has been added as a CGI binary, automatically set to process all files ending in .php5. PHP5 can now also be enabled for .php files on a per directory basis through the PHP Manager.

1/30/06 5:01:16 PM:
MySQL has been upgraded to version 5.0.18 on all servers. Although we have taken every measure to ensure the new version is backward compatible with the previous one, some incompatibilities may still occur in JOIN statements (see If you encounter a database error, you may have to revise your code accordingly (information on how to properly code JOIN statements can be found here:

1/20/06 1:03:29 PM:
Installed a server side anti-virus application to block all incoming email messages containing a known virus pattern in an attachment. Any message with a confirmed virus will be rejected upon the first attempted delivery.

12/27/05 3:33:10 PM:
Upgraded libc for compatibility with recent upgrades.
Upgraded PHP by adding mime_magic and fileinfo.
Added mod_security for Apache.

10/30/05 10:57:59 PM:
Added "Tag And Deliver Spam Messages" option to the White List utility of the Spam FIlter which inserts a Spam tag in the subject of suspected spam messages and delivers them to their intended recipient to be filtered locally.

10/24/05 6:06:40 PM:
Apache and PHP have been updated to include support for the Ming flash-generation library and Verisign PayflowPro.

9/29/05 12:56:16 PM:
All phpBB forums on all servers have been upgraded to the most recent version to prevent the latest exploit involving executing command line code through the admin/admin_styles.php script. This upgrade was seemless, so no further action is required. The affected forums should continue functioning normally.

9/22/05 3:06:28 PM:
Port 587 opened for SMTP due to recently implemented mail routing changes at AOL.

9/15/05 3:37:02 PM:
Updated Email Manager to allow the creation of a mailbox called "postmaster" which was previously reserved for internal mail server use. Also updated Spam Filter to correctly detect a new pattern of character embedding using HTML line break characters.

8/25/05 8:31:56 AM:
Recompiled PHP and Apache to add DBASE support, and upgrade PDFlib to version 6.0.1.

8/19/05 4:45:53 PM:
Real time traffic statistics added for Addon domains and subdomains.

8/6/05 10:56:52 AM:
Upgraded Auto Installer and added more applications, bringing the total to 55.

8/2/05 6:25:24 PM:
Added PHP Manager to control over 40 global PHP configurations for each domain. Also added an optional Description field to the Email Manager for the ability to have an internal label for mailboxes.

7/25/05 2:37:33 PM:
Directory Browsing for Standard FTP accounts can now be enabled or disabled through the FTP Manager.

7/12/05 6:06:20 PM:
Fixed bug with disabling mod_perl. Configured Hotlink Protection to allow showing of images in the HTML Editor.

7/11/05 9:42:43 PM:
Upgraded HTML Editor inside the File Manager to include many new features such as table and image management, the ability to create forms and manage form fields, anchors, document management, and much more. Also upgraded zlib to fix a recently discovered vulnerability.

7/8/05 6:56:39 PM:
Added the ability to selectively disable mod_gzip for any directory. Also added the ability to get the Google PageRank for any URL to the HTML Analyzer.

7/7/05 1:23:52 AM:
mod_gzip has been added to Apache to automatically compress files prior to sending them to the browser. This should increase loading speeds up to 80 percent.

7/6/05 4:06:52 PM:
Mail server now listens on both port 25 and 2525 for SMTP connections (sending outgoing mail).

6/28/05 12:13:51 AM:
Restore From Backup now displays files in the backup folder, with the ability to view the data in each backed up file.

6/22/05 6:53:59 PM:
Added alternative password to access Traffic Statistics only at, where xx is the server number.

6/21/05 11:27:01 PM:
Added option to automatically add senders to the Global White List from the spam mailbox when delivering a false positive message to its intended recipient (Deliver + Whitelist).

6/16/05 10:21:24 PM:
Added "Empty Mailbox" feature in Email Manager to delete all mail from any POP3 mailbox with one click.

6/15/05 6:34:30 PM:
Added SPF (Sender Policy Framework) support. SPF records are now included by default in all DNS zone files.

6/11/05 11:36:39 PM:
Added the ability to re-deliver messages prevously rejected for spam to their original recipient from the spam mailbox in webmail.

6/10/05 9:44:46 PM:
Local FTP Account type added to FTP Manager top allow access to selected directories inside the root web.

6/3/05 1:11:09 PM:
Modified webmail to allow sender addresses to be added to the global white list directly from the spam mailbox. Also fixed a compatibility bug with ASP connections to MySQL.

5/26/05 10:39:27 PM:
Upgraded Hotlink Protection to allow selection of file types to be protected, and excluding certain domain names.

5/20/05 10:43:47 AM:
Fixed bug with importing default spam rules into the spam filter through the Import/Export utility. Also fixed login problem after creating new databases from the Database Admin.

5/11/05 5:27:22 PM:
Fixed bug with MySQL file upload utility which caused certain enclosure characters to not be handled properly.

4/20/05 2:19:56 PM:
Added External IP Forwarding to Subdomain Manager, and corrected IP Frame Forwarding misconfiguration.

4/3/05 11:51:38 AM:
Patched FTP server to fix possible root FTP security flaw.

3/25/05 1:33:31 AM:
Fixed bug in Spam Filter importing utility which prevented Headers rules from being imported.

3/23/05 10:24:25 PM:
Added SSL support for FTP connections and transfers.

3/10/05 1:21:18 PM:
Installed Distutils library for Python distribution package management, and MySQL-python library to make MySQL fully compatible with Python.

Expanded the IP Blocking module to include Domain Blocking. Domain Blocking allows blocking incoming traffic from any referring URL. This utility has now been renamed to Traffic Blocking.

2/16/05 1:47:28 PM:
Fixed problem with downloading the Disk Usage Report.

2/16/05 1:46:43 PM:
Fixed FTP Client access through Firefox.

2/14/05 6:17:38 PM:
Corrected Spam Filter White List editing bug in Firefox.

2/12/05 10:07:32 PM:
Corrected textarea tag handling in File Manager.

2/11/05 1:52:20 PM:
Added Import / Export feature to the Secure Directories Manager to allow uploading and downloading of user files.

2/9/05 4:05:29 PM:
Fixed permissions error in the MySQL insert data from file utility.

2/8/05 4:14:09 PM:
Fixed bug with creation of Root FTP accounts to eliminate potential permissions conflicts.

2/2/05 11:48:01 PM:
Improved HTML table handling in Spam Filter to recognize words disguised by splitting them in separate table cells. Corrected bug in exporting address book entries in webmail.

2/1/05 4:41:30 PM:
Corrected the default permissions set on new FTP accounts to 755 from 775.

1/28/05 3:40:14 PM:
Corrected bug in File Manager for recognizing files without extensions. Also corrected file editor to allow use of file names without extensions.

1/28/05 3:39:09 PM:
Added port recognition to Hotlink protection to prohibit URLs like from being used to bypass the previous version.

1/28/05 11:55:24 AM:
Upgraded PHP to 4.3.10. Upgraded Zend Optimizer.

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